Frida Kahlo Collection  /  Vases 

Client: D'Argenta

Year: 2020

Materials: Resin copper plated, resin silver plated, resin gold plated

Creative Director: Attanasio Mazzone 

Design assistants: Alan Abraham, Rodrigo Cueva, Viridiana Palma

Photo: Rodrigo Cuevas


Presented during Zona Maco 2020


For ZONAMACO DISEÑO 2020, Attanasio Mazzone brings to life a collection based on the personal jewels of one of the most famous icons of Mexican surrealism: Frida Kahlo.

After more than a year of research in her personal archive and with the full support of the Kahlo family, Attanasio Mazzone reveals a never seen before vision of Frida's private universe, an intimate recreation of her gestures and postures, which translate into an unpublished collection of decorative vases.