origenes  /  sculpture

Client: D'argenta

Year: 2019

materials: resin copper plated, resin silver plated, resin gold plated

Design Director: attanasio mazzone 

Design assistants: alan abraham, rodrigo cueva

sculptor: martin mendoza

Photo: Rodrigo Cuevas


presented during zona maco 2019


40 years ago, Ernesto Abraham (D’Argenta’s founder) created the first piece with his own hands. This story begins with a prehispanic sculpture, a representation of Pakal’s face, which became an iconic piece for the company.

for zona maco 2019, the most important art and design fair in mexico and latinoamerica, attanasio mazzone presents Orígenes, a reinterpretation of the main prehispanic figure that ruled, developed and gave life to one of the most prosperous empires of the mesoamerican history, Cuauhtémoc. 
This piece was designed with the aim to memorialize the company’s history, going back to its origins.

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