Perpetua  /  Stools collection

Client: Personal collection

Year: 2020

Materials: Burned wood and brass

Designers: Attanasio Mazzone 

Photo: Juan Ramirez




In our contemporary reality, products are manufactured that exist and disappear constantly on the market, an environment where it is always designed for life, little for death and never for eternity.

Around the 18th century Japanese artisans in search of new textures and properties of cedar wood, understood that burning it increased its durability for up to 80 years, making it a resistant, fireproof and waterproof material. This exploration process gave name to the technique called Shou-Sugi-Ban.

From this practice, Perpetua is born, a collection of recycled wood and brass seats, which explores this ancient technique applied to the context of contemporary design. Each of these seats is unique, as well as the process that defines it; the fire burns on them to give them a new life.

This exercise wants to reflect on the reuse, durability and consumption of design, rethinking new processes through research and revaluation of traditional techniques, to design products with new values ​​for future scenarios.



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