Simposio  /  Liquid containers

Client: Personal collection

Year: 2020

Materials: Natural clay

Designers: Attanasio Mazzone + Rossella Giannella 

Craftsmanship:  Savino Russo 

Photo: Maristella Fioriello


Produced in Trinitapoli (BT). Italy 


Simposio is a collection of everyday objects made of clay that reflects on the most important and engaging Greek-Roman ritual from which the project of Clessidra Studio.

The term derives from the Greek sympósion, composed of sýn "con" and pósis "drink", and indicates a convivial practice that followed the banquet, during which diners drank wine, accompanied with songs and poems.


This kind of rite involved the use of objects whose shape was closely related to the“function” for which they were designed. One of the most important examples is that of the ceramic finds found in the archaeological site of Canne della Battaglia, where among the 5000 B.C. and 4000 B.C., the territory has enjoyed a high population density, fed by the proximity of the river Ofanto that allowed the constant presence of water, and activities such as fishing, the hunting and cultivation of numerous vegetative species. Thus the need to create useful objects to satisfy daily needs is born exploiting the material resources from the territory. 


Clessidra Studio explores in this scenario by appropriating forms, functions, and materials, that are reinterpreted in the contemporary context, creating new areas of design.


The result is a collection characterized by the four essential objects for the Symposium:  Hydria,  Anfora, Cratere e Kylix, each of which fulfils a specific function, namely, to preserve, serve and consume wine.

In addition to expressing a form of sociality that has characterized the ancient world, and whose reflections are still visible throughout the Mediterranean, the collection” Symposium” represents an event from the high symbolic value.


Clessidra is focused on the relationship of the historic context, territory and crafts, that thanks to their interaction they are able to reveal new stories that design has the task of telling.



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